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First bitcoin satellite node installed in Venezuela for transactions without internet use



The first bitcoin satellite node for transactions without internet use is installed in Venezuela

On September 20, 2020, the Panamanian company CryptoBuyer and the Venezuelans Anibal Garrido Y Alvaro Perez connected from the city of Valencia, the first node of bitcoin to the satellite network of Blockstream, As reported Cryptobuyer.

Now with the Blockstream satellite installed in Venezuela, Venezuelans will be able to make transactions with cryptocurrencies without using the internet and they are already connected to the satellite bitcoin network.

“This technology is not dependent on the internet, Blockstream is currently working with the EUTELSAT 113 satellite for South America. We satisfactorily carried out on September 20, 2020, the first transaction in our country in the city of Valencia, of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies through a satellite connection without any type of internet connection. It was a great achievement. " reported Álvaro Pérez

"Having a digital money system always available, independent of the local Internet infrastructure, is now a reality", indicated Anibal Garrido, CEO of HannibalCrypto.

The CEO of Cryptobuyer, Jorge Farías indicated that the alliance between Cryptobuyer and Blockstream seeks to solve the problem of internet connectivity in the country and announced that the installation of other nodes in Caracas and in Bolívar state is expected soon.

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