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Technical analysis office: Santander, Grifols, Telefónica, ACS, BBVA, Gamesa, Faes and Peloton Interactive



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Grifols, Faes, BBVA, Peloton, Siemens Gamesa, Santander, Telefónica and ACS.

Technical analysis

Good Morning. Back to investing in the pharmaceutical sector, what are the next resistance to beat at Grifols and Faes? Thank you very much and good end of the year. J.T.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Grifols It is a value that has become fashionable again at this time, since it is rare the week that is not analyzed in this section. And I can say that everything remains the same. It has bounced with maximum precision (specific dilations aside) from the base of the long-term bullish channel. Therefore, and although distant, the most important support area is in the last decreasing low, 21.40 euros. And as resistance we have 28 euros (July highs) and above the annual highs, which are also historical, at 34.30 euros. In addition to the upper part of the long-term bullish channel. Can read here the latest analysis on the company that manufactures blood products.

Grifols weekly chart

As to Faes Farma, this is still in the corrective phase. Why? Very simple, because we have him building decreasing highs and lows and these also seem to be embedded in a short-term bearish channel. As the most immediate resistance we have the last decreasing maximum (3.765) and as support the last decreasing minimum (3.20). That said, the truth is that the most probable thing at this time seems a return to the origin of the movement, at 2.97-3 euros: the minimum of March.

Faes Farma daily chart

Good Morning. First of all, thanks for the office. BBVA is close to annual lows, it seems like a good time to buy. Although I doubt the regrowth and that it could get worse. What estimates do you have? A greeting. N.IC.

Dear investor, good afternoon. BBVA it is still a very bearish value, in fact and within the financial sector it is the two large banks in our country that are weakest at the present time. That being said, if there is a time to try it to the upside, it is now, just when we have him "holding on like a burning nail" to the key support of the 2009 lows, at 2,335 euros. It would seem that in monthly candles the support has not been perforated, dilations aside. We do not have a return figure, nor is it expected. And this, when the time comes, will take its time when the financial sector as a whole decides that it is time to rebound. Because BBVA will start to improve when the entire European financial sector does so at the same time, neither before nor after. Don't forget that big moves are always trending, for good and bad. The danger would come from the perforation of the mentioned support in weekly candles and with slack. Thanks to you, greetings.

BBVA monthly chart

Good Morning. I have Peloton Interactive shares at $ 21 and it keeps going up, how far do you think it can go? How would you analyze this company? Thank you. I.P.

Dear reader, good afternoon. First of all, congratulate you on the large capital gains you have in your portfolio right now. That said, and as safe you can imagine Platoon it remains flawlessly bullish. We have him at all-time highs and this already says it all. There is no greater sign of strength than an underlying at all-time highs. In addition, that is embedded within an impeccable bullish channel since last April. And if anything, we can speak of a dynamic resistance in the upper part of the channel, now at approx. $ 130. The base of the bullish channel, by definition support, is currently in the $ 90 area.

Peloton Interactive daily chart

Good morning, Mr. José María. I sold my 600 Siemens Gamesa shares with capital gains, the only ones that have been saved from the general collapse of the stock market, at 23 euros. Do you think that the time has come to buy again to take advantage of the path that the price of this security has to the historical maximums, or on the contrary, are you one of those who think that before that you could correct up to 16 euros? Thank you very much. V.CR.

Dear investor, good afternoon. At the end of September we analyzed Siemens Gamesa (You can read it here) and the truth is that the title is strong. I do not see at all the fall that you. comments. Rather the complete opposite. Proof of them are the impeccable rising minimums and maximums that the price continues to draw in recent times. In fact, it just set new yearly highs. Corrections aside, as a result of the extreme overbought, the truth is that a return to the all-time highs (27.45) seems much more likely than a potential loss of support. And I do not rule out, given the strength of its rival Vestas, that it even surpasses them. Thanks to you, greetings.

Siemens Gamesa weekly chart

Good afternoon, José María. Thanks for your thoughtful analysis. See if you can help me restructure my portfolio. I have Santander at 4.14 euros, Telefónica at 7.60 and ACS at 30 euros. As you can see, the asset selection couldn't have been more unfortunate. Thanks again and best regards. A.M.

Dear investor, good afternoon. The truth is that the only one who more or less is saved from among the three that he tells me is ACS. Title we analyzed last week (read it here). Last week's weekly candle comes to warn us that the corrective 'head and shoulders' formation that the price was shaping up to a few days ago is failing. Or rather, if the title falls it will be as a consequence of something else. Experience has shown us on numerous occasions that when these types of figures fail, in the end the price usually returns to the origin of the movement: the June highs at 25.62 euros. And above we have the bearish guideline, at 27.90-28 euros.

ACS weekly chart

As to Telephone, and despite the important rises this Monday, the graph could not be more bearish. We do not have a return figure of any kind and therefore we are facing a simple rebound. A huge bounce into the bearish ocean in the background. Rebounds of this type, and even much greater, we have had in the past. And after him, prices have continued to fall, building new lows. Actually the only real support at this time is found at 2.50 euros: the 2002 lows. And as the most immediate resistance zone we have 3.40 euros.

Telefónica weekly chart

Finally, regarding Santander Bank, the only thing to hold on to at this time is the fact that the support of 1.50 euros, act. We are talking about a most interesting support zone, since it is the 1998 and 2002 lows. Like Telefónica, we do not have a return figure of any kind. This is just an interesting support level. And it is that in the markets we always know how things begin but not how they end. Or what is the same, at some point we will have a simple rebound that in the end, with the passage of time, ends up being something more than that. As more immediate resistance we have 1.77 euros.

Santander monthly chart

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