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Localbitcoin removes the minimum amount of requirement to sell bitcoins


The most used online trading platform between individuals of bitcoin for local currency in Latin America, recently eliminated the minimum of 0.04 BTC to sell bitcoin ads.

“LocalBitcoins is pleased to announce that there is no longer a minimum balance requirement of 0.04 BTC to sell Bitcoin ads!” The platform reported on its social media.

A Coin Dance studio conducted in February 2019, revealed that Venezuela Y Colombia They lead the Latin American market for bitcoin transactions on the LocalBitcoins P2P platform, with 85% in transaction volumes.

According to this study, during the first five weeks of 2019 to date, Venezuela has reached a volume of 8,571 transactions, while Colombia reached 1,709 transactions. On the list, Peru, Mexico, Chile Y Argentina, with similar volumes.

Binance adds the local currency of Bolivia and Paraguay to its P2P list

On September 29, the world's largest exchange by trading volume, “Binance”, announced from its official Twitter account that it is now possible to trade with the local currencies of Bolivia (Bolivianos) and Paraguay (Guaranís) on its P2P platform, at no cost for transaction fees.

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