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There is no choice: companies must digitize or risk "disappearing"



The pandemic has led the vast majority of organizations to accelerate your transformation processes digital, a task that Spanish companies already had pending and that they now have to develop urgently due to the pandemic, because if they do not do so "they could disappear."

But, are public and private organizations trained to face a new wave of the virus? Juan Vera, CEO of the software company Edosoft, maintains that "they are moderately prepared."

"Some of them got on their feet from the first moment by carrying out internal training plans that have helped them to face the first part of the crisis, but there are others that are trying to clarify which way to go and are applying measures at the patch level, In other words, they have not finished implementing a digital transformation program and, therefore, They will not be able to face the next wave with guarantee"says Vera.

The director of Edosoft points out that, approximately, 50% of Spanish companies and public administrations have adapted well to teleworking. "There are many who have tried to move habitual mechanisms to work from home and are having a lot of problems because they are not really implementing a true internal transformation."

Last Tuesday, September 22, the Council of Ministers approved the Royal Decree Law on distance work which defines it as' that which is provided at the person's home (or the place chosen by him) during his entire working day or part of it in a reference period of three months a minimum of 30% of the working day, or the equivalent proportional percentage based on the duration of the employment contract '. Until now it was regulated in a generic way by the Workers' Statute, without specific regulations that developed it.


Refering to cybersecurity, has emerged as a very relevant area. Phishing attacks have multiplied by 6,000% worldwide since the beginning of the pandemic, according to data from IBM X Force. Cybercriminals have taken advantage of the vulnerabilities that arise from teleworking to attack companies and these, according to the survey, have indicated that cybersecurity has become a priority, especially in industries such as financial services, technology and telecommunications.

"Teleworking has caused a increased cybersecurity problems. The capacity of networks has been pushed to the limit, which previously could face attacks more easily because they were not so saturated. The impact is now being greater, which makes it a more serious problem, "says Vera.

On whether there has been an increase in demand for software products to protect companies and employees with teleworking, Vera comments that, despite the fact that they are not directly dedicated to security, "we have to check more carefully that the services they are requesting comply with the appropriate protection measures ".

Another consequence of this new modality is the cost increase, since companies are the ones in charge of providing the employee with the necessary tools to telework. "The costs are doubled since you have to provide material for the office station plus the remote station. It is logical to provide a computer to the worker but there must be some limits".

Regarding the degree of development of technological services in Spain, the Edosoft director points out that "we are in a pass, they have improved a lot, by six out of ten". But he adds that "there is still a long way to go to improve, especially in terms of how we face problems. In the case of the Public Administration, it is necessary that it has the citizen at the center of operations, that is, that it develops a focused model on the client ".

"If the digitization process is done well, you can gain in productivity, innovation capacity and in the end in competitiveness in all sectors. It does not seem that this transformation has anything negative. Those who don't will tend to disappear because they will not be able to reach their customers. Digitization is the only way that saves time ", concludes Vera.

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