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PharmaMar, Rovi and Reig Jofre: titles that present a magnificent purchase option



New sign of strength in PharmaMar that this past week managed to put an end to the consolidation of the short term after overcoming the resistance of 107 euros. After covering the upward gap that was left in June, it seems very likely that we could end up seeing an extension of the gains to the maximums of the last eight years drawn last July at 138.6 euros. Good accumulation levels do nothing more than confirm the strength of the main uptrend and that is that we will not see a sign of weakness again as long as it remains trading above 96.8 euros, the lowest of the last consolidation.

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Rovi Laboratories continues to show signs of strength in its price series. The increasing lows that it has drawn from the August lows invite us to think of an imminent attack on the all-time highs drawn last July at 33.80 euros. It goes without saying that if in the end it manages to exceed these prices, we would see a very important improvement in its price series. The value would go up free with a clear path to end up seeing an extension of the gains to the level of 38 euros, prices that we do not rule out that it may end up being reached before the end of the year.

Reig Jofre Laboratories It also offers a good technical aspect since at the end of August it managed to hold in the vicinity of 3.50 euros. Since then, it has been drawing new rising lows, which makes us think of an attack on the annual highs that it presents at 5.23 euros, prices that it could reach in the coming weeks. The key support is at 3.50 euros. We will not see a serious complication of your price series as long as your listing remains above this price level.


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