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Donald Trump, transferred to a military hospital with mild symptoms of coronavirus



The president of United States, Donald trump, has been admitted this Friday to the military hospital Walter reed, where he will be under observation as a precautionary measure, as reported by the White House.

The president, who has been transferred by helicopter, Has had fatigue, fever and cough since this morning, as a source close to the matter has indicated to the CNN chain. Trump, 74 years old and overweight, is considered a risk patient and will follow an experimental treatment.

Both he and the first lady, Melania Trump, had announced hours before that they had tested positive for coronavirus after one of his closest assistants, Hope hicks, also contracted Covid-19.

In a video posted on his Twitter profile before being transferred, he commented that he felt "fine" and that he hoped to overcome the disease.

One of the White House doctors has also pointed out that the president is "fatigued", although his press officer, Kayleigh McEnany, has assured that he presents "mild symptoms" and is "animated".

"Trump is being hospitalized as a precautionary measure and following the recommendations of doctors," he explained before noting that "will be logged in for the next few days"and" will continue working from the hospital itself.

"The president is being evaluated by a group of experts and, all together, We will make a series of recommendations to both the President and the First Lady on the steps to follow.r ", explained the medical team, which has clarified that Melania Trump, for her part, only has a mild cough and headache at the moment.

From the White House they have once again assured that the health of the vice president, Mike pence, is good and they wanted to dispel any doubts about a possible transmission of power: "The president remains in office".

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