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The ministers of Podemos will give 15% of their salary to the party and the deputies up to 50%



The ministers of Podemos must allocate the 15% of your salary to the party, while the diputados will do the same paying between 20% and 50% of their retribution after the purple formation has launched its new protocol for donations of public office.

Your application already has immediate effect from the delivery of the September payroll, after having been approved in the last Citizen Assembly, as El Confidencial has advanced.

In this way, they have established different percentages on the monthly net salary in which the different responsibilities that each position has, as well as what public exposure they are subject to, have been distinguished.

The party document states that donations will have to be made without exceptionTherefore, its members must make a bank transfer to apply the stipulated amount and pay it to the party, according to the total amount that Podemos has calculated.

The highest fork, which ranges from a 20 and up to 50% of the net remuneration, is the one that has been destined to the positions of elected with exclusive dedication, that is to say, councilors and deputies.

The donation of the members in state, autonomous or municipal governments, where they include ministers, councilors and councilors with executive work, owns a smaller amount, around 15% of your total salary. Those elected representatives with a salary of less than 40,000 euros gross per year must only deliver 5%.

With this new protocol, the purple formation has eliminated the previous plan, which established a concession three times higher than the Minimum Interprofessional Salaryl (SMI) set at 950 euros. Its increase has meant that a "coherent, reasonable and responsible" application cannot be made, if the current wage reality in the country is taken into account.

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