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Illa says that what is approved is mandatory but Madrid does not see it as legitimate


The conflict between the central government and the Community of Madrid continues to be hotter than ever. If yesterday at this time everything seemed to indicate that both territories had reached the tune, that peace has been blown up this afternoon.

The Minister of Health has assured in the press conference after the Interterritorial Council that a large majority had approved the measures that will affect 10 municipalities, all of the community of Madrid. A "binding" agreement which will be published in the BOE in the coming days.

And here comes the first discrepancy. Enrique Ruiz Escudero, Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid assures that the approved document "legally invalid" and has opened the door to not comply with the measures.

A scenario that Illa did not consider when she appeared before the media. In fact he has been asked by journalists about this assumption and has been blunt "I do not contemplate it." Despite not contemplating it, he did not want to explain what would be the next step for his department if the Community of Madrid refuses, something that has finally happened.

The representatives also clash regarding the meeting that took place yesterday between the two and the vice president of the Community of Madrid. The Minister of Health has assured that "no one understands his going back", referring to the change of opinion of those of Díaz Ayuso less than 24 hours after reaching a preliminary agreement.

Asked about this, Ruiz Escudero has seen the situation is completely opposite, to such an extent that he has even affirmed at a press conference that it is a lie that they left the meeting satisfied. Some statements that collide with those of Ignacio Aguado. In the tweet that he has posted on his own Twitter profile, he claims to be "satisfied with having reached an agreement in principle with the Government of Spain to jointly address the battle against the virus."

From the Community of Madrid, they justify that what was approved is not legitimate because it has not counted on the consensus of all the autonomous communities. To measurements They have opposed, in addition to Madrid, Catalonia, Galicia, Andalusia, Murcia and Ceuta. Those of Pablo Casado sought to block Illa's initiative en bloc, however, Castilla y León has voted in favor.

In the words of the Minister of Health, for the measures to be legitimate it is necessary for the new text to go through a new Delegated Commission and approved unanimously in a new Interterritorial Council. "Illa has used the council to impose measures against the will of millions of Spaniards," Ruiz Escudero has sentenced.

Another point of conflict between the two leaders has revolved around the current situation in the Community of Madrid. According to the data of Illa "The situation is complex and worrying, the cases represent 43% of the total." While Ruiz Escudero assures that "it is controlled, we have always anticipated the capacity of our hospitals. Today we have been several days where the number of admissions is lower than the previous week."

For taking a positive side to the open war between the two, the Minister of Health has been open to a new meeting. "The will is that there is collaboration between all administrations, we have always shown our intention to speak and agree on decisions". Will new encounters end with discrepancies?


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