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Health carries out the measures against the Covid despite the rejection of several CCAA


He Ministry of Health has managed to move forward with the agreement that will regulate the measures to stop the coronavirus in municipalities with more than 100,000 inhabitants. The agreement, which has been approved with "a large majority", has had the rejection of several autonomous communities, between them Madrid. It should be noted that it was with the Government of Díaz Ayuso who reached a preliminary agreement yesterday.

"The situation in Madrid is complex and worrisome, the cases represent 43% of the total", explained the Minister of Health in the press conference after the Interterritorial Council. "Yesterday an essential agreement was publicly agreed upon and accepted by the Community of Madrid and no one understands his going back"added the minister.

Despite the fact that the Community of Madrid, together with Catalonia, Galicia and Andalusia, have voted against the measures, it is a binding agreement and they are all obliged to comply with them. According to the data provided by Illa with current figures, 10 municipalities would be under the control of the Ministry of Health and all ten belong to the Community of Madrid.

Is about Alcobendas, Torrejón de Ardoz, Alcorcón, Alcalá de Henares, Móstoles, Leganés, Fuenlabrada, Getafe, Parla and the city of Madrid. They all meet the requirements established yesterday by Health for populations of more than 100,000 inhabitants. They have a contagion rate of more than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, the PCR positivity rate is above 10% and the rate of ICU beds exceeded is over 35%.

"I don't contemplate it"Illa was so blunt when journalists asked her by journalists if there is a possibility that the communities that have voted against do not impose the measures. The measures will be published in the coming days in the official gazettes of each autonomy to become effective.

Catalonia, one of the territories that has rejected the Health measures, has shielded itself saying that it is a document only negotiated with Madrid in addition to "wet paper". Alba Verges, Minister of Health, assures that the approved measures conflict with those already approved in Catalonia that are "more restrictive".

The Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has delegitimized Illa's words and has assured that the document approved by Health is "legally invalid".

That is what Madrid will be based on not to comply with measures that according to Illa are "mandatory". "It has not been approved by consensus as reflected in article 14.1 of the Interterritorial regulation of the National Health System".

"Illa has used the Interterritorial Council to impose measures that go against the will of thousands of Spaniards", Ruiz Escudero assured.

Too He has assured that it is a lie that they left the meeting on Tuesday satisfied. Some statements that collide with the words of his vice president. According to what can be read in a tweet posted on his profile, he assures that he is "satisfied to have reached an agreement in principle with the Government of Spain to jointly address the battle against the virus."


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