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Wall Street expects with slight declines the first face-to-face between Trump and Biden


Wall Street takes a breather after its rebound on Monday. The main US stock markets face the difficult task of making them forget the four consecutive weeks in the red that they have been dragging. In fact, this Tuesday's session began with falls of around 0.10%.

JPMorgan is turning heads on the corporate front. The financial company has been fined almost 800 million euros after having recognized having manipulated the prices of metal futures and US Treasury bonds for years.

The fine imposed by the CFTC is the highest imposed to date to a financial institution for 'spoofing' since this practice was banned in 2010, after the global financial crisis.

It is not going unnoticed either Nikola. One more day registers sharp declines after a new accusation has jumped on its founder. Two women have accused him of sexual abuse, charges that could jeopardize his deal with General Motors.

In politics, the first debate between the democrat Joe biden and the Republican and current president of the United States, Donald trump, will take place this Tuesday.

Some analysts, echoed by the CNBC, point out that this first debate may have a greater impact on markets than the rest due to the context in which it will take place. On this same front, the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy pelosi, has announced that Democrats have already put their $ 2.2 trillion plan on the table to relieve the United States while convincing Republicans.

The divorce between both parties dates back to August 7. Since then, talks have been going on to agree on a new round of stimuli that will give wings to the economy and markets.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Ibex fails to extend its rally and backs down, burdened by its banks. Finally, in Asia, exchanges have closed mixed after the Hong Kong debut of ZTE Express.


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