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Nikola does not win to annoyance: two women accuse their founder of sexual abuse


Yes Nikola he rides a circus and dwarfs grow. Since it went public just a year ago, it is not winning to annoyance and everyone implicates its founder Trevor Milton. Two women have accused the billionaire of sexual abuse when they were both minors. As reported by CNBC, the events allegedly occurred more than 15 years ago

The new accusations against Milton come after Hindenburg Research denounced that the company is built "on dozens of lies." These words led Milton to resign under the premise that "the focus should be on the company and its mission to change the world, not on me."

The new news that sparks Nikola this Tuesday is, as is customary in the company, weighing down its price. At this time its shares are plummeting more than 7%. Although business-wise, that's the least of your problems.

The controversies that do not stop surrounding the value They are putting in check the agreement reached with General Motors to start manufacturing your Nikola Badger hydrogen pick-up. Although the automotive giant came to his defense after the first accusations, the latter have been able to weaken the alliance.

Although both companies celebrated the agreement reached, the truth is that it is not yet closed. The first estimates expected that it could be before September 30 but the negotiations are far from being closed.

"Our transaction with Nikola has not been closed," explained a spokesman for General Motors to CNBC. "We continue our conversations with Nikola and we will provide further updates when appropriate or necessary. "


The Tesla of electric trucks, that's how Nikola was defined when he began his career. But further from reality. In the year that it has been listed on the stock market, it has not stopped facing setbacks and controversies. To the extent that Tesla has even accused her of plagiarizing the design of her truck.

Accusations that come from both sides, in Nikola assure that the theft of the design has been produced by those of Elon Musk. According to allegations filed by Tesla in the United States District Court, Trevor Milton was aware of the Road Runner truck design in 2014 and / or 2015, before Nikola revealed a similar truck design concept.

Although all his accusations are for now, those accusations mistrust has taken hold among investors. Its shares are down about 80% from their yearly highs, recorded in early June. Then they reached 73 dollars while now they are trading around 18 dollars. They went public a year ago at a price of $ 10.23.


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