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Casado says that "we Spaniards vote Felipe VI, Garzón and Iglesias not"


"We Spaniards vote Felipe VI, Garzón and Iglesias not," said the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, accusing the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, from "coward" by not defending the King and constitutional unity.

Sánchez "shows absolute complicity with those attacks" but also "a deep cowardice" for "saying nothing" before the "attack" of some of his ministers to the Headquarters of the State, Casado pointed out this Monday during an interview on Onda Cero.

For the representative of the popular, "the last straw" is "to endorse, silence and grant" before "the inflammatory statements of the communist minister Alberto Garzon and the populist vice president Pablo Iglesias against the Royal House and the King ”. "This is inadmissible and the only person responsible is Sánchez, who is giving a letter of nature to these alliances and hiding himself in them to obtain votes by degrading the Spanish institutions," he said.

In this way, Casado denounces this "spectacle that we are seeing against the King" while "Sánchez is missing and does not say anything about the attack that is taking place against national unity and the Head of State." "He shows absolute complicity with those attacks, since he does not deny them, but also a deep cowardice because he tries to ensure that his own electorate does not censor what he is doing, which is to agree with those who they want to destroy national unity”, Has indicated.


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