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The 'bunker purchase' returns to Madrid and threatens to spread throughout Spain


Coronavirus cases in Spain continue to increase worryingly. Recent restrictions in neighborhoods and towns in Madrid They have caused the same phenomenon that occurred in March with the general confinement and that threatens to spread throughout the country. Families begin to make massive purchases of food and other hygiene and cleaning products.

The pandemic has caused significant changes in our lifestyle habits. The fear of a new confinement makes individuals prefer to prevent so that, in case of returning to the situation in March, they will not run out of the products that were most exhausted, such as, for example, toilet paper. That is why supermarkets are strengthening their stocks and also the online shopping service.

According to the latest study by Gelt, the largest consumer purchase data platform in Spain, the purchase of bleach has skyrocketed by 45% and that of ammonia by 36%. Added to these data is the purchase of non-perishable foods, such as legumes, which have increased their incorporation into the car by up to 35%, followed by pasta with 32%. Rice and preserves have also shot up 36% these days.

The report also includes the acquisition of other products that are beginning to skyrocket among the neighborhoods affected by the restrictions. Powdered milk, which has increased its sales by 18%, alcohol and hydroalcoholic gels, up to 17%, or oil and toilet paper, which have increased by 15%.

"The analysis of the shopping basket shows itself once again as a reflection of the social situation", indicates Carlos Prieto, CEO and founder of Gelt. "Now it is to be expected that a bunker purchase can be produced again that, predictably, can be extended to other cities affected by the increase in the spread of Covid-19 ".

Despite these falls, in the evolution shown by purchases since March, the study recognizes that there have been specific moments in which the chocolate (47% in April), anchovies (132% in June), the ice cream (above 40% during the summer months) or the Geneva, which marked a peak of 77% in April, have also starred in important upward trends.


The UK has also seen long lines at supermarkets, which have left empty shelves of toilet paper, as a result of shoppers frightened by the new restrictions announced by Boris Johnson to stop the advance of Covid-19. Some Costco line supermarkets have suffered from shortages of various basic necessities, such as rice, pasta and flour.

The items that have disappeared the fastest from the shelves have been, in addition to toilet paper, necessary foods such as pasta, canned tomatoes / tomato sauces, flour and various types of canned food. This type of long-life food are the most demanded, in fear of running out of essential products.

Tesco, a British supermarket chain, has implemented since this Friday a maximum sale limit of three items in products such as diapers, toilet paper, pasta, antibacterial wipes and flour, to avoid the massive purchase of basic necessities.

The chain is the latest to introduce rationing in purchases of essential items. Others like Morrison and Aldi took the first step on Thursday to avoid the chaotic scenes in early March, with lines starting at 6 a.m., as the British face the second wave of the pandemic.

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