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Ibex, CAC and Dax: a new technical complication in the European indices


The CAC 40 cannot with the average of 200 sessions and we do not rule out that it will seek support in the support of 4,200 points

Technical analysis

New technical complication in the IBEX 35 after losing, this past week, the key support of 6,788 points. The rebound, after drawing the lows of March, has not helped it to rise above the 200 session average and it seems very likely that we could end up seeing a continuation of the falls to the level of 6,400 points. Your behavior at this price level is very important. If it fails to hold onto these prices, it is likely that we will end up seeing an extension of the falls to the level of 5,814 points, annual minimums. We will not see a sign of strength in its price series as long as it remains trading below 7,110 points.

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He CAC 40 it fails to rise above the 200 session average and ends up piercing the support at 4,763 points. The French index is also attacking the key support of 4,691 points. Be very careful that the lateral movement of recent months could be put to an end and we do not rule out ending up seeing a return to the lows of March that would draw in the vicinity of 4,200 points, which would mean falls of more than 10% from prices current listing.

Slight technical complication in the Dax after piercing the 12,625 point support. When everything seemed ready for the beginning of a new upward momentum, we can see how the selective German seeks support in the vicinity of the 200 session average. We believe it is very difficult for it to end up abandoning the support of 12,000 points, prices where the average of 200 sessions is found. However, to see a sign of strength we should wait for it to overcome the resistance of 13,461 points again, prices close to 8% above current ones.


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