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The great double floor of Urbas continues its course and gives it an additional potential of 70%


We recently analyzed the title and said that it was on the verge of confirming a great double bottom, with a target of 0.03 euros.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

We analyzed this title just when it began to "reap its head" above the important resistance of 0.01 euros, now support. If we believe the double floor of Urbas this points towards 0.03 euros. But what we do not know, there is nothing that anticipates it, is whether or not we can attend a 'throw back' to the clavicular of the training. That is, the title can fall by 50% to 0.01 euros without actually changing anything. The figure is clear, manual, and the volume in the forceful breakout. Which makes me think that the movement can be serious. There is nothing infallible in the markets, but if in the end the guideline is met, we can expect an additional rise of at least 70%, to 0.03 euros.

Urbas weekly chart


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