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Interview about the Binance Savings platform with Mariangel Garcia


In this new edition of interviews we have had the opportunity to speak again with our friend Mariangel Garcia, LATAM Community Manager of the Binance team.

On this new occasion we were able to talk a little and clarify some doubts about the Binance Savings platform, which today is having a great impact on the market and is leading many people to use it to generate passive income.

Before asking any questions we would like Mariangel to explain a little what Binance Savings is all about.

Mariangel: Savings in a savings service with multiple benefits for users, the main one that I like to highlight is the safety factor of placing your savings on our platform as the service is guaranteed. It also has two modes that adapt to the user: flexible and blocked savings that allow you to choose the time in which your savings will be in this plan.

one. What are the advantages of making Savings on Binance?

Mariangel: Currently Binance allows you to farm its users, following the DeFi trend, so they will not only receive the cryptocurrency of the selected savings, but also coins from Binance Launchpool, increasing the opportunity of winning for the user.

two. What makes Binance Savings different from other platforms?

Mariangel: Binance differentiates itself by offering all services in one place, by also having the new announced innovation zone where it allows its users to access emerging projects, recognizing their volatility but creating a safe space within the Exchange to continue market trends.

3. Do you find saving on Binance easy for new users?

Mariangel: It is very simple, Binance's intuitive platform allows users to subscribe their funds in minutes after entering the savings section on the web or the app and through the savings wallet they can observe the performance of their assets on a daily basis.

Four. Do you consider it high risk to make Savings on Binance?

Mariangel: Not at all, if the user understands the product, he has nothing to lose. Suppose you have 1 BNB and your goal is to earn in BNB, at the end of your subscription period you will have 1 whole BNB plus interest in BNB – but if you care about the equivalent in USD then it is best to save directly on a product of stable currency such as BUSD. That is why each user must evaluate their intentions.

5. Do you think that the interest rates on the Binance Savings platforms are competitive in the market?

Mariangel: Yes, for users who come from traditional banking it is very competitive and with respect to other crypto products we must take into account the legitimacy of the services they offer, since there are many that even have 5-digit returns but they are new companies or with little track record, so beyond interest it is important to consider security and fortunately Binance offers both security and competitive interests.

6. Would you give any advice to users who are just starting to use the platform?

M: My advice is to give it a try and give it a try, especially if you are new users and are learning, Binance Savings is the easiest way to generate passive income.

We want to thank again our friend Mariangel for answering our questions so clearly and for being with us again clarifying the doubts of the community to help them with the learning of the new Binance platforms.

We also invite all our readers to join the Binance Lending platform so they can start earning cryptocurrencies in passive mode.

Link to register: bit.ly/2RGoeAy


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