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Fines in Madrid: will not be imposed until the Supreme Court ratifies the order


The fines that will be imposed for breaching the mobility restrictions in the 37 sanitary areas agreed by the Community of Madrid will be imposed when the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) ratify the order issued by the Ministry of Health, something that will foreseeably occur at the end of this week and that will make the order of the Ministry of Health is in force.

Just yesterday, the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the TSJM received two letters from the Madrid Community Lawyers Office, which will be transferred to the Madrid Prosecutor's Office. There is a period of three days from the entry of the letter for the procedure to be resolved, as legal sources have indicated to Europa Press.

The regional Executive's plan involves acting "with all guarantees", sources have pointed out, who have recalled that "Citizens have rights and they must be respected".

At first, the Police officers were going to impose fines after 48 hours of their entry into force, since before they wanted to inform the public. Now, after what López said, we will have to wait for Justice to speak. The penalties provided range from 600 euros to 600,000.

"We are waiting for the measure to be ratified by the judicial authority, it will take place throughout the day today or tomorrow," said the Community Justice Minister, Enrique Lopez, in an interview in RNE in which he stated that "until it is ratified it will continue to be what it is." In other words, "a measure that is not yet in force", although it does "encourage" citizens to comply with it.

López stressed that it is "fundamental" to be clear that "the purpose of the measure is to avoid as much as possible unnecessary social interrelations", which "must be recommended regardless of whether the measure becomes mandatory."

In addition, it has rejected that the selective confinements of which the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero spoke, had been denied, but that "that term was used, which was misused as it was understood as locking the population in their homes." "What was said is that there were going to be restrictions and limitations on mobility, which is what is taking place," he said.

As for whether there will be news in the courts, he has indicated that Justice has to decide, as it always does, with "independence and effectiveness" and he added that, in anything, decide what you decide what is true "it is necessary to limit the interrelationships in those areas that we have determined to be above a thousand infections per 100,000 inhabitants."

"And in the rest of the Community of Madrid we recommend that unnecessary social interrelationships are restricted as much as possible. We are in a difficult moment that, although yesterday the number of hospitalized patients fell, in the Community of Madrid we must continue working so that hospital pressure does not increase and the figures are maintained, "he advised.

The Community would be working to extend these restrictions to other areas and municipalities in the region, which it could announce before the weekend.

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