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Mixed sign on Wall Street between outbreaks and a round of stimulus that does not arrive


Wall street it is trading with a mixed sign, with the Dow Jones registering slight falls. The main US stocks return to optimism after three weeks stuck in the red. Between the correction of technology itself and the outbreaks that are taking place in the US, investors have been opting to take profits after a rally that seemed to have no end.

Within the business front, Amazon and Tesla they are news. The first for rising 4% after the improvement of Bernstein's recommendation. The second for dropping 6% after Elon Musk acknowledges a few hours before his Battery Day that the announced improvements will not reach cruising speed until 2022.

Also be careful with Nike. The US sportswear manufacturer will release its first fiscal quarter results after the market closes.

September is usually a particularly weak month for equities and the coronavirus crisis is making it even worse. The United Kingdom has been the last country to raise its restrictions in response to an increase in infections.

"The volatility in the markets returns after several months of solid advances in risk assets, and we believe that this will be the common denominator, at least until the November elections," say BlackRock experts. "As if that weren't enough, the negotiations for another round of stimuli in the US are still stalled, the virus continues to spread and the trade war is still there," they add.

In matters of monetary policy, this Tuesday the president of the Federal Reserve (Fed), Jerome Powell, and the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, have appeared before the Financial Commission of the House of Representatives. Powell bets on keep the stimuli "for as long as necessary" until the country's economy fully recovers.

"The Federal Reserve, along with other government agencies, is working to alleviate the economic consequences. We remain committed to using our tools to do what we can, for as long as it takes, to ensure that the economy is as strong as possible. and to limit the permanent damage in the economy ", has indicated the central banker.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Ibex has been unable to rebound after its hit. Finally, in Asia the stock markets have closed in the red after the falls of the airlines and with the South Korean Kospi leaving more than 2%.

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