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From farewell to cobalt to the million dollar battery: this will be Tesla's "crazy" Battery Day


The Battery Day of Tesla has arrived. And Elon Musk has promised that he will be "very crazy." The electric car manufacturer has stepped on the accelerator on the floor and sees in this event another great catalyst to boost the title after being mired in the massive correction of technology.

-The battery of the million … of miles: one of the great rumors that, if it comes true, may end up breaking the market. The Chinese Contemporary Amperex has already confirmed that it is capable of manufacturing a battery that lasts 1.2 million miles, and this company is precisely the supplier of Tesla. It remains to be made official and Battery Day may be the perfect day to do it.

Another of the bets of this Tesla supplier is to manufacture a cobalt-free battery, one of the most controversial raw materials due to the political and humanitarian circumstances surrounding its extraction. Also, it is very expensive. Until now, Tesla's batteries were made up of about 3% cobalt compared to 15-20% of its competitors.

-Will Tesla be a new 'utilitie'? The manufacturer has already received a license to provide public services in the United Kingdom and another to distribute electricity in Western Europe. Additionally, Musk's have recently conducted a survey in Germany on what would lead their citizens to switch from their current energy supplier.

One of the approaches to this aspect is the Autobidder program in which Tesla collaborates in Australia. There, it is allowed to sell the energy that is not used. However, most experts rule out that Tesla wants to enter the utility business on its own and will prefer to do it hand in hand with collaborators, depending on the country.


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