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Sony takes the lead over Apple: takes advantage of the absence of the iPhone 12 and presents the Play5


Sony wants to get hold of him technological throne of 2021 and it has put all the meat on the grill with the Playstation 5. The Japanese technology company intends that the flagship of its brand manages to unseat all those products that have been revalued since seven years ago it launched the last update of its console (PS4) . To do this, he has put on his overalls and has already won the first battle, ahead of Manzana, which has postponed the presentation of the new iPhone 12.

With the PS5, the company will start a new generation of game consoles. Experts expect a good reception from the market, causing their shares shoot up to 20% more from its current market value, as CNBC noted more than a month ago. This Friday, the company's shares closed at $ 79.

The analysts have been very optimistic with the putting in the showcase of the new Play. In his opinion, the company could increase its earnings per share (EPS) up to 90.35 dollars (75.96 euros), which translates into a 9.5% rise, thanks to the boost from the games division. Although this upward trend has been taking place throughout the year, since their titles have registered their highest levels since 2001 (year in which the Play2 was put on sale).

Last Wednesday, Sony He put an end to the uncertainty surrounding his new crown jewel with his presentation, just one day after the 'Apple Event'. As of November 12, it can be purchased in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, while the rest of the world will have to wait a week, until the 19th of that same month. its starting price will be around € 499.99, lower than the one that seems to have the new iPhone 12.

And the iPhone 12. Where is it?

That is the question that was repeated the most during the event in which those of Tim Cook focused on the exhibition of the new range of iWatch and iPad. Apple's CEO was in charge of putting an end to the speculation by confirming what no one expected. "Today we will focus on the iWatch and the iPad "He said as soon as the Apple Event started.

The launch of the most iconic product of the company of the bitten apple is expected like water of May, since it is considered the most important since the iPhone 6 was put on the market. Analysts subordinate the earnings and the future of the shares of Apple to "supercycle" that this mobile can have, that is, to the accumulation of variables that could lead to a massive sale of the terminal in a very short period of time.

With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus duo, which went on sale in 2014, Apple experienced its first and only experience of its kind. Although many experts agree that something similar will happen with the iPhone 12, mainly because of the incorporation of 5G, there are reasons not to think so.

The public does not seem to be highly excited about the inclusion of 5G, as if it happened with the transition from 3G to 4G. Also, the output of China Mobile as one of its distributors to spur the sales of this phone in the Asian country, it seems that they will play against the interests of Cupertino.

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