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Change in IBAN and mobile banking: how Bankia customers must adapt after the merger


Once the merger between CaixaBank and Bankia, the latter will no longer have its own entity, leaving only the brand of the former. This will make the clients of this bank will have to adapt to changes that will occur when, for example, accessing the mobile application or in your accounts, with a modification of the IBAN.

"With the change of name and merger of operations, customer records will be modified, which means that the account numbers, deposits and other products that they may have contracted change and that will have to be taken into account for direct debits, among other aspects ", they point out from the online legal services platform Reclamador.es.

Therefore, they consider it necessary for the bank resulting from this merger to clearly inform the clients of both entities of their situation, explaining as soon as possible if the bank accounts will change their numbering and, if so, detailing how to proceed with the change of accounts in direct debit bills. In other words, "if the redomiciliations will be made automatically by the new entity or should the consumers carry out this operation".

In this way, if the bank informs that the entity will be in charge of directing all the customer's receipts to the new account and this will not be carried out, resulting in damage to the consumer, such as Surcharges on direct debit taxes or supply cuts for this reason, customers have the right to complain.

But this is not the only issue that Bankia customers will have to pay attention to. After the merger, hopefully your online banking and your application will be inoperative in favor of CaixaBank systems. Something that, in principle, should not be a problem. Things change for the holders of the Account_ON, a 100% digital Bankia account that, a priori, is more similar to the imagin Account than to the CaixaBank accounts, especially because both require the use of the application, in imagination to operate and in Bankia to not having to pay commissions, they express in the financial comparator HelpMyCash.


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