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Technical analysis office: PharmaMar, IAG, Telefónica, Santander, Peugeot, Intel, gold and bitcoin


Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes PharmaMar, Intel, IAG, Telefónica, Santander, Peugeot, Gold and bitcoin.

Technical analysis

Good morning, Mr. José María, could you give me a clue about the evolution of PharmaMar's shares in the short and medium term? Thanks and regards. M.C.

Dear investor, good afternoon. It is rare the week that this title is not analyzed, in fact, if I remember correctly in the office this Wednesday we analyzed it. Therefore, there is no news to add. The last thing we comment on PharmaMar it was the fact that a new trading window was opened for us on the long or bullish side based on the last big bullish gap. And the truth is that the strategy is developing quite well, as expected. I invite you to read here the latest analysis on the biotech company. Thanks to you, greetings.

PharmaMar daily chart

Good morning, José María. First of all, thank you for your analysis, they are of great help to the small investor. My question would be about Intel's stock and if considering the recent drops this is a good time to get into the title. Thank you very much. E.FA.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Falls in recent weeks / months in Intel They have been terrific. However, the price levels reached in the fall seem interesting because we have the price very close to the base of the long-term bull channel. The channel through which the title has been moving since 2009. In addition, we have a very important support at the annual lows ($ 43.63). Let's say that, in theory, any approach to the base of the canal should be interpreted as a new opportunity to get on the shopping train. Or in other words, at the base of the channel if it is bought, but not sold. Thanks to you, greetings.

Intel Corp. weekly chart

Good Morning. I have bought IAG shares at 2.82 euros. Do you think we will see them again at 5-6 euros? I no longer dream of returning to the annual highs (8 euros). Thanks and regards. I KNOW.

Dear investor, good afternoon. There is no point in considering a return to the all-time highs right now in IAG. Maximum that after adjusting the price series to the capital increase are 5,317 euros. The weekly decreasing highs and lows are still there, intact. And so it does not go up. We do not have a return figure, nor is it expected. In fact, the most important resistance at this time, and very far from current prices, is in the bearish gap of 2.62 euros (the previous 3.95 euros). And as support we have the annual minimums at 1,144 euros. In short, IAG is still clearly immersed in a deep downtrend and far from confirming any return figures. And considering a return to highs makes no sense, especially when the bottom downtrend remains intact. Thanks to you, greetings.

IAG weekly chart

Hello good day. I wanted to ask about Telefónica and Santander. When will they start to go back? Thank you very much. T.C.

Dear reader, good afternoon. The two titles show extreme weakness, proof of this is that we continue to have impeccable decreasing highs and lows. Which is nothing more than the simplest definition of what a downtrend is. BBVA is also the same situation.

Of Telephone we have more of the same. In the end I'm very afraid that the great flysheet it may end up being fulfilled, which would lead to price levels close to 2.50 euros. Which is where we have the most important support at the moment. Not to mention the fact that, rebounds aside, the stock continues to have decreasing highs and lows and thus does not rise.

As to Santander three-quarters of the same. We have you fight not to pierce the support of 1.77 euros. But I would not be surprised at anything if it was pierced, since as they say "the jug goes so much to the source that it ends up breaking". And the next big support is at 1.50 euros. Start to go back? No idea. When the price draws us some kind of figure back, something that is far from being produced at the present time. When the time comes the price will tell us, but right now it is not for the work. Thanks to you, greetings.

Dear Mr. José María Rodríguez. I am a follower of your offices in Bolsamanía. How about investing in Peugeot now? Very kind for your time. Best regards. M.A.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Peugeot It is a value that we also recently analyzed and that at this moment we have it attacking important levels of resistance, such as the weekly downward gap of 16.15 euros. Let's see if it is able to close it, or what is the same to cancel it. For this we need it to close above the closing price on a Friday. Closing it would be an important sign of strength that we cannot ignore. Also, I want to stay with the increasing lows and highs that the price presents from the annual lows. And so it does not fall. A greeting.

Hello, José María. I am long in gold from the $ 1,700 area and I also have bitcoin at $ 10,800, based on an analysis that you. he commented on a large 'head and shoulders' invested above $ 10,500. How do you keep seeing them both? Where could a 'stop'? Thank you very much for this section that I never miss. Greetings from Granada. R.HV.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Put a 'stop' in the gold right now it doesn't make much sense. The uptrend is so strong that even as it pierces the $ 1,900 support, which is where we have it now, the 'precious metal' would still be bullish. In fact, the fall of the last sessions / weeks fits perfectly within what is a 'throw back' to the previous all-time highs. Let's say that the current moment is late to buy, but early to sell. The rising lows and highs are still there and therefore there is nothing to worry about.

Regarding the bitcoinI have to admit that I did not expect the support (formerly resistance) of $ 10,500 to be pierced. But the thing does not change much by the fact that having reached a price below $ 10,000. Let's say that everything still fits within what is a 'throw back' to the clavicular line of a potential inverted 'head and shoulders' figure. And now the normal thing is that from here, with its intermediate corrections, it tries to attack the important resistance of $ 14,000 (2019 highs) and above $ 20,000 (all-time highs). The two underlying are at the moment a clear hold. Thanks to you, greetings.

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