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Married: "The Government is responsible for the virus, even if it derives its negligence from Madrid"


Pablo Casado, president of the Popular Party, has come to the defense of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, after the doubts that his management in this region is generating, pointing to Pedro Sánchez and warning him that "the The responsibility of the pandemic is of the Government although it tries to derive "its negligence" to the autonomies.

During a seminar organized by the Faes on the European Union, the leader of the popular formation reminded Sánchez that "the Public Health Law of 2011", which is still in force, "specifically mandates the Ministry of Health the sole command"And, along these lines, he has attacked the government of Spain, describing as" unfair "the management that is being carried out in this second wave of the virus.

He also regretted that in less than a week the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the International Monterio Fund (IMF), Eurostat, the Bank of Spain and Funcas have worsened their forecasts for the Spanish economic future. Casado has assured that this crisis is wreaking havoc in the countries with the most incompetent governments, "with Sánchez at the top of all statistics of economic and job destruction ".

Regarding the budgets, the president of the Popular Party recalled that "it takes two years offering the PSOE state pacts apart from his communist, pro-independence and batasun partners ", but that the president of the socialist group has only limited himself to" despise "all his proposals.

Regarding the subsidies of the European plan, Casado has pointed out that "receiving aid" is a failure and Spain does not have to feel condemned to it. The leader of the blue formation is convinced that it is incompatible for Sánchez to negotiate a good economic project for Europe while “negotiates a destruction project for Spain”.

“You cannot appeal to the generosity of the European parties while agreeing with what they ask for the demolition of the legal, moral and historical foundations on which Spain is based and its role in Europe ”, he concluded in the final stretch of the seminar.

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