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IAG, Meliá, Aena … the tourism sector continues to suffer as the regrowth grows


IAG (-14.17%), Meliá (-6.36%) and Aena (-3.17%) have placed this Friday between the worst values ​​of the Ibex. The coronavirus outbreak everyone feared for the fall is already a reality, and the situation seems to get worse with each passing day. The Community of Madrid has announced this Friday restrictive measures to try to slow the spread of the virus. The Ministry of Health reported 11,291 new infections this Thursday, 4,541 of them diagnosed in the last 24 hours. The new data brings the total since the pandemic began to 625,651.

Meanwhile, in the world coronavirus cases now exceed 30 million and infections show no signs of slowing down six months after the pandemic was declared.

The number of deaths worldwide is approaching a million, with the United States leading the way with nearly 200,000 deaths. Many health experts believe that the actual number of cases and deaths is much higher than what has been reported.

The virus is spreading at a rate of 1 million cases every four to five days, Bloomberg reports this Friday. From France to South Korea, the former hot spots that had managed to control the virus They are fighting new outbreaks, complicating efforts to reopen economies.

On the other hand, and added to the worrying news, Bloomberg includes a study published in the American Medical Association according to which 11 of the 19 volunteers who had developed antibodies by April appear to have lost them only two months later.

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