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Biden warns: no trade deal with London if peace in Ireland is threatened


Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate of the United States, has warned that the breach of the 'Good Friday Agreement' by the United Kingdom Government could endanger a trade pact between the English and the Americans. The candidate to occupy the White House has warned that it would violate an international law, which the American nation itself was responsible for solving in the late 1990s and which brought peace to Northern Ireland.

Biden, through his personal Twitter account, has referred to it days after Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, got the Parliament approves the law on the internal market, a rule that breaks part of the agreement with the European Union to avoid a hard Brexit.

"We cannot allow the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland becomes a victim of Brexit"He pointed out. In this same tweet he also noted:" Any trade agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom must be contingent on respecting the Agreement and preventing the return of a hard border. "

During the past week, the speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has already positioned herself in the same line, warning of nor there may be a trade agreement between the two countries if Johnson takes this path.

Faced with the announcement, Edward Argar, the UK health minister, denied on Thursday that the peace agreement was at risk. To do this, Dominic Raab, the English foreign secretary, will travel to Washington to reassure legislators.


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