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In the midst of the difficult economic situation that the economy of Argentina, Citizens seek urgent alternatives to protect themselves from devaluation and inflation, and while this occurs, the government continues to impose restrictions, which make that dollarizing is increasingly difficult.

If you want to buy a dollar today, it's 80 pesos + country tax + income tax. Ultimately that dollar ends up costing 132 pesos.

This situation is not new in Latin America, the experience of Venezuela has shown us that digital currencies have been an effective store of value, making the country one of the world's largest volume giants.

But why take refuge in cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin, the most important of the cryptocurrencies, is characterized by being decentralized, neutral, resistant to censorship, limited, scarce, and tends to appreciate over time in the long term. For example, if on January 1 of this year you had bought 1 Bitcoin today, you would already have a profit in dollars of 3,779 USD. Knowing this, you have a basis for an approximate calculation in the different local prices of the dollar: official, blue, stock, MEP, CCL, etc. (Usually in local markets it is priced in blue dollars).

Does Bitcoin always go up in price, that is, will I always make money?

Bitcoin is listed on the cryptocurrency exchanges and its price fluctuates according to supply and demand, that is why it rises and falls in price, but … keep in mind that its quantity is limited, it is a scarce asset and increasingly difficult to produce. , which tends to increase in cost over time and that is what makes it valuable, something similar to what happens with gold.

Are there crypto currencies similar to the dollar?

Stable coins or stablecoins present an option to escape the traditional financial system, allowing you to protect yourself in an asset with an equivalent value 1: 1 with the US dollar, that is, each currency is backed by one dollar. Example BUSD (regulated by the New York Department of Financial Services) or USDT (one of the best known stablecoins).

Where can I buy stablecoins with ARS to protect my money from loss of value?

It can be obtained from several providers. But buying it on Binance, the largest exchange in the world, has several advantages for you:

  • Zero commissions
  • Transactions in minutes, in a friendly and easy to use platform.
  • Free transfer between Binance accounts (you can keep them there until you decide it's a good time to sell).
  • Immediate possibility of freezing (selling a currency, for example if you want to convert Bitcoin to a stable currency).
  • Custody of the transaction until the buyer and seller are satisfied.

To make your first purchase, register here: bit.ly/32zo4RM

And I followed this guide:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9cjHU2yj10 (/ embed)

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