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The US plans to distribute its Covid vaccine just 24 hours after its approval


He United States Government Plans to Distribute the Covid-19 Vaccine throughout the country within a period of approximately 24 hours, once you have the approval of the FDA ('Food and Drug Administration'), the body in charge of authorizing new drugs, according to sources from the Trump administration in statements collected by CNBC.

The announcement of an expedited distribution comes just hours after Trump assured that The US is "a few weeks away" from getting a vaccine against Covid-19, specifying that it could be in less than a month.

McKesson, the medical supply company, will become the main distributor, according to Paul Ostrowski, who is in charge of overseeing the vaccine distribution program.

This plan also seeks that access to medicine can be free form. As for its distribution, it is expected to occur in four phases, starting with people considered high risk.

In such a way that the first doses would go to health workers, elderly and people with underlying health problems. Next, it would be the turn of essential employees, such as teachers, of those who are homeless or live in shelters and of inmates in prisons. Finally, according to the aforementioned information, it would be distributed to children and those under 35 years of age.

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