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QubitTech – synergy of quantum algorithms


Cryptocurrency trading is shrouded in a cloud of mysteries and enigmas: traders who work with digital assets are speculators who toss bundles of money around them and drive through the night metropolises in expensive sports cars, or mathematical and technical geniuses with decades of experience in the stock exchanges on their backs. Does this myth have any basis in fact? Perhaps.

However, the truth is that cryptocurrency trading is only a small part of this iceberg. Yes, it is at the top, but it is not the essence. It is based on the same Blockchain technology that even the lazy are just new to. That is where quantum technology is found. And if Blockchain is the brains of this new starship, then quantum technology is the engine. Yes, still potentially, since there are many applicants.

What is the role of cryptocurrencies in this funny analogy? Unfortunately, they are in the visible part of the iceberg. And its role is circumstantial. Yes, Bitcoin has lived, lives and will live. However, there are plenty of altcoins …

Yes, currently the world of cryptocurrencies has become more accessible and understandable, largely thanks to the development of various services, which bring it closer to the most common format of traditional financial assets. Applications have appeared that allow you to quickly buy cryptocurrencies with a card or bank account, mobile wallets, where you can store coins and even pay for daily purchases with them. But cryptocurrency trading remains a jungle in which only the strongest can survive. The strength, in this environment, lies in the data, the speed of processing, the information, the understanding of investment risks and strategies. Such skills and knowledge are absent from inexperienced traders in the fast-paced world of digital assets. Emotional speculation, which is often suffered by beginners in the trade, is subject to the total loss of the funds invested. Lack of determination in this case is unlikely to be better.

Then what do we do? First, bet on complex combinations of technologies, second, be willing to take risks. And third, finally, believe in your choice.

You can come on your own or join one of the teams in question. The decision remains yours.

One of the possible choices is the new European project QubitTech, which for a long time has not been limited to Europe and Asia.

This is not about cryptocurrencies and speculation. QubitTech is rather a combination of a classic IT business, with a software component and a belief in the Perpetual Engine, the role of which is played by the same quantum technologies. The combination, let's say immediately, is strange. But didn't Apple and Microsoft look the same at the time?

The two main products of QubitTech are algorithmic systems and quantum technologies, which are also used in algorithms. In part, the platform itself uses these algorithms, in part it is offered to users in the form of robots that are independently integrated into their accounts during exchanges.

There are two types of autonomous QubitTech robots: Flat (flat) and Trend (trend). The strategy of the first is based on changing the value of the RSI generator and crossing the limits of the selected range; the strategy of the second is based on the indicators of the moving average 9MA4, MA9 and MA20) and the RSI oscillator. You can use one or two robots at the same time. Overall, your work will be more integrated and responsive to the slightest movements in the market. Some experts believe that using both robots at the same time will give the highest performance, but even with just one, the gain will be stable.

The robot owner can choose the most suitable strategy for his investment profile according to the type of risk: from low, with a risk of no more than 0.5% of the deposit per trade operation, to high (no more than 1% of the deposit for commercial operation). The average profitability of robots fluctuates at the level of 7%. This is lower than with digital licenses, but the risk to a merchant is also lower.

How are QubitTech's automated algorithmic systems and their autonomous robots different from other so-called “robots” that already exist on the market? As mentioned above, the QubitTech platform originates from the union of various technologies. The key is quantum computing. The introduction of quantum technologies enables QubitTech to process hundreds of times more market data, constantly stay one step ahead of the competition, and do calculations much faster than other trading robots.

Until now, quantum technology remains largely the privilege of large IT corporations and defense companies. The race for quantum supremacy is between tech giants like IBM, Google, and Honeywell. This race began at the beginning of the century, when the rest of the world was getting used to the idea of ​​a meteoric future growth of the “dotcoms” despite the financial crisis. In 2001, IBM claimed to have successfully tested a 7-qubit quantum computer. Now in the IBM arsenal, there is a 50-qubit processor prototype. Google went one step further and built a 72-qubit Bristlecone quantum processor, and last year announced that it had succeeded in building a 53-qubit Sycamore quantum processor, which achieved quantum superiority. In 2020, Honeywell will make a breakthrough. Known for its defense contracts, the North Carolina-based company announced the creation of a 64-qubit quantum computer that, according to the creators, is "twice as powerful as the next industry alternative."

Although ordinary consumers often hear stories about the possible use of quantum computing in defense systems, these technologies apply to all areas: industrial production, cyber security systems, and of course, financial services. It is no coincidence that one of Honeywell's first business partners to test the new quantum computer was JP Morgan, the largest bank in the United States. In 2019, the quantum computing industry was valued at $ 507.1 million. According to the forecasts of the consulting company McKinsey, in 2030 the market for quantum computing will exceed 65 trillion dollars, and in 2035 it will reach a trillion dollars.

While large and slow-moving corporations are testing solutions based on quantum technology, small companies originally built on digital architecture are leading the race for quantum excellence, offering users extraordinary solutions. QubitTech is one of the first platforms in the world to successfully use quantum technology. Their clients are not regular clients, but users of the platform, part of the community. Users have electronic licenses for QubitTech in various formats.

The cost of the digital license on the platform is fixed, it varies from 100 to 100,000 USDT. The return of the initial cost of the license is included in the remuneration paid for it. The reward is calculated in USDT and occurs every day, its percentage is variable, which reaches 2% daily. The total reward of any digital license is limited to 250%, after this it automatically deactivates.

Another reason for the success of QubitTech is the coordinated work of the team of creators, a group of independent experts in algorithmic methods and asset management manuals, as well as recognized specialists in the field of development and administration of electronic systems, with extensive experience. in traditional financial markets.

The QubitTech team is led by Greg Limon, CEO and who is also a co-founder and shareholder of the Canadian company DigiMax Global. Greg had two successful IPOs, participated in numerous venture capital projects that raised more than $ 2 trillion in investments. Greg's team's working principle is "People come first." The QubitTech team has years of experience in technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantitative analytics, algorithmic trading and financial consulting, software development, and quantum technology.

For the launch of QubitTech, Greg rallied around him, not just seasoned specialists, but people who literally took their own business by storm. One of the “stars” of QubitTech is Marc Swickle, QubitTech's chief marketing officer, best known in the financial world as a consultant to the Thai Ministry of Energy and owner of a consulting company that serves hedge funds that manage assets for worth $ 500 million.

QubitTech Technical Director, Jorge Sebastião, is a renowned international speaker with experience in areas such as Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G, Cloud Services, Disaster Recovery and Big Data. Jorge works with the most innovative companies as a professional consultant, to help them build a powerful security framework in areas such as assessment, architecture, application, administration, awareness and flexibility.

The technology block of the QubitTech team deserves special attention. Through partnerships with quantum technology providers, QubitTech has access to the latest technological innovations for market data processing and analysis, and to a unique set of tools based on machine learning methods that use quantum computing and neural networks. Thanks to the higher performance of quantum neural networks, QubitTech trading robots can more accurately determine market trends and therefore show better risk / reward ratios.

Unlike other cryptocurrency services, QubitTech develops solutions that are interesting for the market, not only as a tool for trading, but also as a product of the activity of highly professional developers from various fields of data analysis (machine learning, neural networks, quantitative analysis, quantum computing). There is no doubt that quantum computing will be implemented in many consumer financial services in the future. QubitTech customers have the opportunity to benefit from them, today, ahead of time and take advantage of all the benefits associated with it.

Openness and transparency are the necessary principles in today's world for an updated IT platform that thinks globally and seeks to gain the trust of users. And QubitTech follows these principles – you can get acquainted with the analytical capabilities of the team and the reputation of QubitTech analysts in the professional setting, on the TradingView trader social network. The company invites emerging quantum technology companies to discuss their joint work and funding projects.

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