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Nikola's counselor comes out in defense of the company against accusations of fraud


Nikola's advisor and venture investor Jeff Ubben has rejected allegations of fraud made in recent days against the company, insisting that both the founder and the company itself have been "misunderstood".

Ubben's words come after analyst firm Hindenburg Research indicted her last week of being a fraud "built on a dozen lies". Some darts that had a clear target, Trevor Milton, founder of Nikola.

These words caused a real earthquake in the stock market, to the point that their shares plummeted 40% in three days.

The latest falls occurred on Tuesday after the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a report explaining that they are weighing up the accusations made by Hindenburg.

In an interview with the British financial daily 'Financial Times', Ubben has assured that Nikola is similar to a "prototype store" and has compared it to Apple. "We are not trying to sell roads, we are trying to sell hydrogen", has assured the investor.

Beyond the investigation that the SEC may carry out, Ubben's statements appear to have reassured the market and his shares are rising at this time on Wednesday. slightly more than 2%.

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