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González Laya: "The Government has not hidden the number of deaths from Covid-19"


The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, has denied that the Government has tried to hide the real number of deaths from coronavirus or that the pandemic is affecting Spain more than other European countries. In an interview this Wednesday in "Herrera en COPE", the Foreign Minister pointed out that it is "difficult in some cases" to attribute Covid-19 as the cause of death of some person.

"We have been quite clear with the criteria used to count the people who died from Covid-19. In any case, all the deceased deserve respect. In a later analysis, when we have controlled the pandemic, we will have to clarify which protocols will have to be activated next time to have a more exact figure of the consequences, "he said.

González Laya has defended that the current situation of the pandemic is the same in European countries such as France or Belgium. "We share the same difficulties. It is everyone's fight against a common enemy, which is Covid-19," he said, disregarding the data that places Spain on higher levels of infections and deaths.

His Ministry is working on creating a safe corridor with the Canary Islands to try to save winter tourism on these islands. "We are committed to negotiating with the Nordic countries and Germany to build a safe corridor with the Canary Islands and save the winter season," he said.

González Laya tries to convey to his European counterparts that, in addition to the rate of infections, they should also observe the figures that Spain throws in terms of tests that are being done on the population or the health pressure index. That, according to her, "gives a more accurate picture of how the pandemic is managed in each region."


On the political situation in Venezuela, the minister trusts that the parliamentary elections in December will be held with democratic guarantees.

"The EU must facilitate a dialogue between the government and the opposition on this minimum of guarantees. But it does not set them in Spain, it is not our job. Our war has to be for normalization in Venezuela, democratization and holding parliamentary elections with guarantees", has pointed out.

González Laya has admitted that if the elections are held with guarantees will recognize the result and it has hinted that the EU talks with opposition leaders Guaidó and Capriles to reach an understanding. "Spain and Europe facilitate dialogue by talking to everyone. But we cannot replace the actors, who are Venezuelans," he said.


Finally, González Laya has shown his concern for Boris Johnson's intention to break the agreement reached between the European Union and the United Kingdom for an agreed 'Brexit'.

"We are looking for an agreement, although it is difficult to maintain this position when the United Kingdom wants to renounce the agreement we reached. It undermines a bit the confidence that Boris Johnson himself, who is the one who signed the agreement, wants to break it," he concluded.


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