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The coronavirus crisis has cost tourism 460,000 million, according to the OTM


To this day, it cannot be denied that tourism is one of the main victims of the coronavirus crisis. Global closures, travel restrictions, or quarantines in destinations have been the factors that have harmed this sector the most. According to estimates by the World Tourism Organization between January and June the crisis has cost world tourism $ 460 billion.

According to the organization in a statement, the collapse of the demand for international travel during the first six months of 202 translates into a loss of 440 million international arrivals. Losses in income from international tourism multiply by five those registered in the economic crisis and 2009 global financial

International tourist arrivals fell 440 million between January and June, or 65%, and Asia, the first region to feel the impact of Covid-19, experienced the steepest decline, they detail.

UNWTO Secretary General Zurab Pololikashvili stated that “the latest World Tourism Barometer shows the profound impact that this pandemic is having on tourism, a sector on which millions of people depend to make a living. It is imperative that governments work closely with the private sector to get global tourism back on track. Coordinated action is key ”.

Expectations for the future are somewhat more optimistic

In the last two months there has been a gradual reopening of the borders that has been accompanied by an increase in the mobility of tourists, but it has not been enough. Europe, the second most affected region of the world, has experienced a 66% decrease in the number of tourist arrivals in the first half of 2020.

Expectations for the future are somewhat more optimistic. The OTM estimates that travel demand and consumer confidence are unlikely to remain low. In fact, believe that in 2021 there will be a change in trend. To make these statements they are based on the assumptions of a gradual and linear lifting of travel restrictions, the availability of a vaccine or treatment and a recovery of the confidence of travelers.


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