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Nikola still does not raise his head in the stock market: the SEC will investigate the fraud allegations


Everything indicated that Nikola was raising his head and recovering from the strong falls in the stock market last week. The US company said Monday that fraud accusations hovering over it were false. Some statements that seemed to erase the fear of investors, to such an extent that their shares managed to advance more than 11%.

But the joy has been brief and this Tuesday they again register important decreases, exceeding 8%. The reality bath to the parquet has come from the hand of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC). The agency has issued a report explaining that they are weighing the accusations made last week by Hindenburg.

Some accusations from which Nikola has not hesitated to detach himself at various times. To such an extent that he has described the report of the group of analysts as "false and misleading", they assure that it is full of "dozens of inaccuracies".

Nikola's explanations have not been sufficient for the SEC which has decided to examine the claims of this document to determine if you may have violated current legislation. This review by the agency is preliminary, so it cannot lead to allegations of wrongdoing, according to Bloomberg.

The strong rises on Monday have managed to slightly slow down the collapse of its shares, which in the last five days has been above 30%.

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