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New rises on Wall Street despite the market punishing the absence of the iPhone 12


Wall Street (Dow Jones 0%; S&P 500 + 0.52%; Nasdaq + 1.21%) has continued with the increases this Tuesday, although they have deflated in the last few bars, the Dow Jones has become in negative territory sometime. The clear protagonist of the day has been Apple. The technology giant presented its new devices on Tuesday, with a clear absence, the iPhone 12. An absence that the market did not like, to such an extent that its shares have closed flat. Before the devices were known, their titles had advanced by about 2%.

The rest of the FAAMG however they continue with their rebound. The 'feeling' is once again positive among investors after the latest advances in vaccines from AstraZeneca and Pfizer. The optimism is such that firms like LPL Financial have revised up their forecasts for the S&P 500 to the range of 3,450-3,500 points.

"Regardless of the situation and the sector, large commitments and mergers tend to show confidence, so we look forward to some of this to extend the good time," he said Jeff Buchbinder, equity strategist at the firm.

The one who remains in a bad moment in the stock market is Nikola. After the strong rises on Monday after he flatly denied the fraud accusations, today the fear of investors has returned and has come from the hand of the SEC. The agency has confirmed that it will investigate the statements made by Hindenburg.


In the raw materials market, West Texas barrel, a benchmark in the United States, is currently trading up 0.7% and pays at $ 37.50. For its part, in the foreign exchange market, the euro appreciates a slight 0.05% and it changes to $ 1.1873. And in the debt market, the yield of the US ten-year bond stands at 0.68%.

Across the Atlantic, the Ibex he has recovered the 7,000 points thanks to Inditex and despite the banks. Finally, in Asia, stocks have closed in green after the first positive retail sales in China so far in 2020.

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