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When it comes to investing, you want to make sure you know what you are doing and you want to know how to get started. That may mean hiring some kind of mentor or looking for someone who can help you understand what trading and investing is really all about. The problem is that there are many scam artists and hobbyists who are trying to sell their "knowledge" without having any. So how do you know you are getting what you need?

Well, let's take a look at one of the latest traders who started teaching and sharing his knowledge and let's examine whether he really is the best to follow or at least check when it comes to his own investment needs. The merchant we are going to find is known as ฿ itcoin ฿ ethoven and he has his own story to tell about how he got started.

The foundation of ฿ itcoin ฿ ethoven

This merchant says he started sharing his information and his secret just over a year ago. It started with a trading class in Athens, Greece. Because things have changed so much with the pandemic, ฿ itcoin ฿ ethoven focused more on online services and educational options because the pandemic blocked millions of people. So he found a way to keep working and open an opportunity for people who, perhaps, lost their jobs.

Currently, he is most active on his Facebook page, where he would post cryptographic information and graphics. After that, it took a while to create a few Telegram channels, one free and the other paid. Later, when he moved to Discord, he opened his premium channel to the public domain.

You've also developed the kind of information you share as you go through these different methods, including transitioning from sharing numbers to explaining business calls and including graphics with your information.

There are also articles available from ฿ itcoin ฿ ethoven and you are looking for ways to improve your server, including adding an alert bot so that anyone who is part of your server knows when to buy or sell a specific asset so they don't. . miss something big. There is also a results section for anyone to check your trades and the results you are getting, including profits and losses, so you can easily see if you are doing as well as it claims or want to mimic their trading methodology. But is that what you should be doing?

Evaluation of ฿ itcoin ฿ ethoven

From the information that is available, it appears that ฿ itcoin ฿ ethoven has a good deal to offer for anyone who is interested in getting started trading. For the newbie, the new bot is a great way to go because it gives you straightforward advice on buying and selling and which assets to work with at any given time. That makes it easier for you to get started and master things before you start doing it on your own. ฿ itcoin ฿ ethoven is also a coach and has experience teaching classes in different areas of crypto and commerce.

For those who are more advanced and have been trading for a while, this is still a great place to look for more information. ฿ itcoin ฿ ethoven has had a business class of its own and continues to post information through its free channels. It also offers additional services including daily calls to help you improve your skills or develop your skills from scratch if you have not done crypto operations before. In fact, these calls are one of the best things you can get with ฿ itcoin ฿ ethoven.

Personal calls

With the premium subscription plan you can get:

– Daily calls in cryptocurrencies, including crypto / USD pairs and altcoin / BTC pairs

– Technical and fundamental analysis with entries, profit levels and charts

– Educational materials that include risk and portfolio management, emotions and discipline.

– Personal 1 to 1 assistance with the trade.

– Access to the trading robot

Facebook account

฿ itcoin ฿ ethoven has a Facebook account that is fully open, so you can check out free information if you are just starting out and not sure what to do. If you're not ready to invest in yourself as a trader yet, this is a good way to get some basic information and get started or just do a little research before trying the trade. You will see things like:

– Updates on ฿ itcoin ฿ ethoven accounts and personal operations

– Information on signals and how many were successful.

– Opportunities for free trials

– Commercial information and benefits of the main operations


On Discord, you will find the most information about ฿ itcoin ฿ ethoven and all the things it has to offer. You must be invited to Discord, but once you sign up for the service, you'll be able to log in and get as much information as possible about exchanges, general startup tips, and what to do to get your first big payout. You'll find:

– Information and specific commercial advice

– Tips and strategies to increase your earnings

– Articles and content designed to teach you how to trade.

– Access to the trading robot

– Education and training to improve their strategies and methods.

If you are looking to get started with crypto trading or if you are an advanced trader looking to continue improving your skills, you can do a lot with ฿ itcoin ฿ ethoven. This is one of the good business services and one of the quality operators that you can count on to give you good advice. You don't have to worry about getting caught in a scam or getting advice from someone who's just ahead of you.

With ฿ itcoin ฿ ethoven, you will have a great opportunity to improve your skills and start generating profits much faster than you thought. You can make a lot of money in crypto if you know where to go to find it.



Free: https://t.me/BethovenBitcoin

Premium: https://t.me/BethovenPremium

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