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BitMex has installed a Bitcoin node satellite


Bitmex one of the most popular crypto derivatives exchanges in the world, installed Blockstream's satellite system.

"We installed @Blockstream's Bitcoin satellite system, a way to download and verify the Bitcoin blockchain via satellite, without the need for an internet connection."

As a result, the company can now download the Bitcoin blockchain via satellite and without the need for a direct internet connection. The exchange bought the Internet-free Bitcoin Kit and the result was a quick and easy setup.

"We were able to set up the system reasonably fast and the satellite connection actually has enough bandwidth to keep the node on top of Bitcoin, most of the time."

Kit to create bitcoin node via satellite

Why is it important to have a satellite system?

BitMEX revealed that the most challenging part was the actual alignment of the antenna to the geostationary satellite. However, using the alignment tool correctly meant that the team had to spend about 15 minutes after that to set it up.

The exchange noted that for the majority of bitcoin users the satellite system does not generate more benefits than the pleasure of assembling it.

However, in countries with censored internet, cities / towns with little access and distant properties, the system can make a big difference, as it allows connection without internet access and anonymously.

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