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Apple presents the new iWatch and iPad and continues to maintain the unknown of the iPhone 12


Apple has presented the new generation of devices in style. The new iPhone 12 had created many expectations in recent months, but Tim Cook has not taken long to end the excitement of the fans and has clarified at the beginning of the event that "Today we will focus on the iWatch and the iPad".

The first to be known have been smart watches and the big surprise has been comes with a reduction in price. It's a new device called the Apple Watch SE, which Cook explained will merge the design elements of its newest model with a more limited selection of apps. It will be on sale for $ 279. They can be reserved from this Tuesday and will be on sale from next Friday.

Another novelty is that for the first time measure oxygen saturation levels in the blood. From the company they will give great importance to things related to health.

As explained, there have been cases of people who have saved their lives thanks to the health and connectivity functions of the Apple Watch, such as heart disease, hypertensive, diabetic and blind people.

Regarding the 'tablets', it is an intermediate model with a larger screen than the previous ones. Also, will be available in five colors. The Cook team has decided to move the Touch ID to the side, on the off button.

The absence of the new iPhone 12 has also not gone unnoticed in the stock market. In fact, its shares are down slightly after advancing about 3% before the introduction of the new devices.


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