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What wallet to use to store Tron (TRX)?


This piece will inform you of the best wallets for Tron. They are grouped by hardware, desktop computer, smartphone, and online wallets. You need to understand how different portfolios differ in terms of advantages and disadvantages. You need to decide which wallet to use based on your needs.

Hardware Wallets

Ledger Nano X

Is wallet is the number one recommendation in this category. This wallet came after Ledger Nano S and it came with the following features:

  • A Bluetooth function that allows you to manage Tron via smartphones.
  • It has a more significant memory that allows the management of up to 100 cryptocurrencies at a time.
  • A larger screen that eliminates the need to scroll.
  • Enhanced security chip

Nano S ledger

Although the Nano X the achieved, it is still one of the more secure hardware wallets.

Desktop Wallets

Its disadvantage is that the private keys come into contact with the Internet. However, the advantage is that the private keys are not stored on a company server, but on your PC. Consequently, they offer a free way to keep control over Tron's private keys without buying a hardware wallet.

Atomic Wallet

This wallet is a wallet of various currencies that targets users who need a comprehensive solution for all cryptocurrencies.

The Atomic wallet can manage many currencies and is available in both desktop version and mobile version for IOS and Android. Furthermore, this wallet focuses on achieving the three core needs in the crypto space:

  • Anonymity
  • Security
  • Decentralization

Exodus Wallet

Exodus is also a multi-currency wallet that can send and receive more than 100 crypto assets. Also, the values ​​of cryptocurrencies are displayed in more than 30 different fiat currencies. Its three main characteristics are:

  • Multi-currency wallet
  • A portfolio tracker
  • An Integrated Sharing Service from ShapeShift

Tron mobile wallets for IOS and Android

The beauty of mobile wallets is that they can be installed on almost all smartphones. This means that can be used on the go to ship and manage Tron.

TronLink Wallet

It allows you to switch between multiple cryptos and has a built-in voting system for Super Reps. It also includes a dApp browser, a DEX, an atomic wallet.

As it is a multi-asset wallet, it allows users to manage more than 300 cryptocurrencies. The storage and encryption of private keys and transaction data is stored on the users' smartphone.

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