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What technology takes from you, it gives you: Wall Street rebounds led by Apple and Tesla


Wall street rebound this Monday after the sharp correction suffered by technology companies last week. Right now, the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 are up just over 1%. Stronger is the momentum on the Nasdaq, which rebounds about 2% driven by companies such as Manzana and Tesla, that come from doing a 'split' of shares and have important dates ahead.

Those of Cupertino have their annual event this Tuesday in which the announcement of the iPhone 12 is expected, among other devices. In turn, those of Elon Musk have their eyes set on the 'Battery Day', which will be held soon and in which there is speculation with a 1,000-mile battery that may give them even more advantage over their competitors.

Within the technology sector it is also a protagonist Nvidia after buying from Softbank chip firm Arm, in an operation valued at 40,000 million dollars. Both the United States and Japan celebrate the agreement with increases of 8%.

Although today all eyes are on Oracle and TikTok. The first confirmed this Monday what was an open secret and the agreement is already a reality. As explained in a statement, thanks to the alliance, it will become "a trusted technology provider."

After confirming the information, its shares are rising about 5% on Wall Street. While everything was a rumor, it has become suspended from trading due to high volatility.

In health, the number of infections continues to grow in the US and has increased by 5% in 11 states during the last weekend. For their part, investors are still waiting for Republicans and Democrats to announce the long-awaited second round of stimulus.


In the raw materials market, West Texas barrel, a benchmark in the US, yields around 0.9% at this time and is paid at $ 36. For its part, in the foreign exchange market, the euro appreciates 0.3% and it changes to $ 1.1886. And in the debt market, the profitability of the US 10-year bond stands at 0.65%.

On the other side of the Atlantic the Ibex has seen how Inditex has stopped the positive impact of corporate operations and the imminent vaccine. Finally, the Asian stock markets have closed in green led by the aforementioned Softbank.


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