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The "Be your own bank" campaign with Bitcoin has gone viral in Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Bitcoin Association, a local initiative, started a project to publicize and raise awareness about the benefits and risks of using Bitcoin.

The association has proven to be one of the largest and most active in the world and already has more than 5,000 members.

"The goal is primarily to start a conversation about the merits of Bitcoin, especially in the context of ongoing economic challenges. I think the beauty of this is that it is not a company announcement, the project is focused on bitcoin itself, as a disruptive technology, as a protection against inflation and as a means of financial inclusion (#BeYourOwnBank)”Said the Hong Kong Bitcoin Association.

bus stop be your own bank

The posters have messages like:

"More dollars were printed in 2020 than its entire existence until 2009. There will always be a maximum of 21 million Bitcoin".

bitcoin transaction

"Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. "

"In case of loss, no refund is possible ”.

"Warning: your Bitcoins are under your responsibility ”.

Bitcoin as a protest

Hong Kong, a self-managed and independent territory of mainland China, has suffered in the last year the constant interference of the repressive Chinese government in its population. The repressions against his people sparked riots and sparked large protests throughout the region.

Bitcoin has been used as an efficient and peaceful form of protest against repressive governments, as the cryptocurrency takes power over money from the hands of Central Banks and returns it to the people.

Due to this fascinating feature, Bitcoin has become increasingly important not only to the speculative market, but also to the millions (or billions) of people dissatisfied with the actions of their governments.

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