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What destinations can Spaniards visit without restrictions or quarantines?


Spain has become the epicenter of Covid-19 in Europe. The country registers the highest number of infections in the entire Old Continent, with 554,143 diagnosed cases. For this reason, the access measures established by third parties for Spanish tourists, or those who come from this territory, have tightened in recent months. To the point that only three countries (Portugal, Luxembourg and Sweden) allow free entry. Apart from these places, France and the Balkan area They have also been configured as other options that Spanish travelers can visit safely and free of restrictions.

The neighboring country, in reference to France, was established as one of the pioneers in raising this type of norm. Specifically, on July 21 it opened its borders to all members of the EU, but maintains specific controls for people with compatible symptoms or possible positive for coronavirus. Although its figures are not very encouraging either, since it presents the third highest incidence of the virus among the Twenty-seven.

The French territory has always been one of the quintessential destinations for national tourists. In 2018, the 28% of Spanish travelers who visited a foreign country chose France for their holiday stay, which resulted in 6.8 million visitors.

Portugal has also become one of the other places where there are no restrictions on mobility. The Portuguese state lifted its bans two months ago, on July 1, exactly. In your case, the regulations are only reduced in social distancing and the use of a mask, not being necessary to use the latter on the beach, unlike the Spanish coast.

"In Portuguese territory and on land borders with Spain, there are no restrictions on mobility, and the rules of social distancing and the use of a mask must always be respected," said the Portuguese Executive.

Sweden or the Balkan area, such as Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia or North Macedonia, have been imposed as new tourism alternatives, because there are not, nor is it anticipated, to establish limitations on travelers from other European or Schengen countries.

Without the need for mandatory quarantine, but with precautions, there are the options of Austria, Italy, Greece, Malta or Turkey that if they request a test to be able to travel safely.

Recently, the Government of Germany has announced that As of September 30, it will lift its recommendation not to travel to areas considered at risk, among which is Spain, for Covid-19. Instead, it will opt for a detailed analysis of each country to determine possible alerts.

In addition, they are studying the possibility of reducing the mandatory isolation between 5 and 7 days, to the detriment of 14, after the new scientific evidence regarding the infectivity phases of those infected.

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