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New shopping opportunity at Tesla, Amazon, and Netflix?


The declines of the last sessions in Amazon They have left their price just in the vicinity of the support that presents in the vicinity of $ 3,000. At these prices, the most normal thing is that we can see the return of purchases and the continuation of the strong main upward trend that has led it to revalue by 120% from the annual minimum of March. To this day, its technical aspect is very good and will continue to be as long as it does not abandon the support of $ 2,888. Accumulation levels continue to show the current strength of purchases and it is most likely that we will see the return of profits in the next few days, which could end up catapulting its price series to the 4,000 level dollars, levels that we do not rule out that it may reach before the end of the year.

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Netflix It moves again in the vicinity of the support it presents in the vicinity of $ 500. The technical aspect of the company in the medium and long term is unbeatable, so it seems likely that at these prices we may end up seeing the appearance of a sign of strength that invites us to think about an extension of profits. Key support is at $ 466.55. As long as it remains trading above this price level, we will not appreciate even the slightest sign of weakness. If its technical aspect is not complicated, it is likely that we can end up seeing the level of $ 550 reached in the coming weeks.

They return shopping to Tesla after dropping 35% in the first five sessions of September. The company is taking a well-deserved break after appreciating more than 80% in less than a month. Despite the recent declines, its technical aspect is impeccable and at current levels it presents a significant level of demand that invites you to think about the beginning of a new upward momentum. The key resistance is at $ 428. If it manages to exceed these prices, the downward gap that was left this Tuesday would be canceled and it would make us think of a continuation of its main trend that we do not rule out that it may seek the level of 550 dollars. We will remain bullish as long as it remains trading above $ 273.


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