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Wall Street closes a week to forget, the decline in the Nasdaq has exceeded 4%


Wall street (Dow Jones + 0.47%; S&P 500 + 1.71%; Nasdaq -0.60%) has closed a week to forget. The main US indices have registered important falls in the weekly calculation, although they have been more pronounced in the Nasdaq. The technology index has fallen in the last four sessions (Monday was a holiday) by more than 4%.

At the macroeconomic level, this Friday the CPI data for the month of August has stood out, which has fallen from the previous 0.6% to the current 0.4%. The consensus of analysts expected it to stand at 0.3%.

"The next couple of sessions will be crucial to judge the possible extension of the pullback of the bags and the 'bulls' will be watching for any signs of positive divergences," he says Ken berman, strategist Gorilla Trades. On the business front, Amazon is being accused of inflating commodity prices in full pandemic.

At least according to Public Citizen, one of the consumer defense organizations. The Washington-based group has analyzed various products offered by Amazon And, according to its report, the multinational has taken advantage of the coronavirus crisis to charge up to 1,000% more for some of its assets.

Nikola is also about the information focus. The company has dropped more than 15% after analyst firm Hindenburg Research accused her of being a fraud "built on dozens of lies". In the last three sessions it has plunged about 40%.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Ibex has increased its falls under pressure from all its great values. Finally, in Asia the stock markets have closed in green led by the Chinese compound Shenzhen.

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