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The Ibex doubts again as it focuses its attention on the ECB meeting


The Ibex returns to doubts this Thursday (-0.2%. 7,006 points) after reacting to the rise last day, along with the rest of Europe, encouraged by the rebound on Wall Street. Within the selective, the falls in Bankia or Telefónica stand out. Today investors are very aware of Christine Lagarde and her words within the monetary policy meeting of the European Central Bank (ECB), without a doubt the appointment of the day.

"We do not expect any major change in the policy stance of the ECB. We will listen carefully to the responses of ECB President Lagarde, to any questions about the new average inflation target of the Federal Reserve (Fed), although we hope it will only say that the ECB has taken note of the Fed's decision and that will not jump to conclusions"Danske Bank experts point out. The consensus of analysts does not foresee changes in monetary policy until december meeting, according to a Bloomberg poll.

For the rest, technology rebounded on Wall Street yesterday after the hit the previous day and that has reassured investors. They rose 3% on average "as a reflection of the improvement in the mood of the market," added from Danske Bank.

In another vein, Brexit continues to be the protagonist after the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, presented yesterday in Parliament a new legislation in which it explicitly recognizes that the United Kingdom intends not to comply with what has been signed with the European Union (EU) in the Withdrawal Agreement, especially regarding the Irish border, which has confirmed the fears of Brussels and adds the trade talks into another pothole.

At the macro level, the calendar today brings the weekly unemployment claims in the US. Economists they expect 850,000 new requests, down from 881,000 last week.

Finally, with regard to the technical aspect of the Ibex, today it has its first resistance at 7,300 points and the first support at 6,788 points. "The lateral movement of the last weeks is maintained, although we must bear in mind that it is very close to the support", warns César Nuez, analyst at Bolsamanía and head of Trader Watch.

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