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The doctors of Madrid call an "indefinite" strike as of September 28


Amyts, the main union of doctors in Madrid, announced this Thursday the call for a "complete and indefinite" strike of the entire sector, which will begin in the service of Primary Care from next September 28. The decision has been the consequence of the passivity that Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, has shown at the request of a meeting to discuss the delicate situation in which healthcare is in this region.

During this week, the union had already threatened this if Ayuso did not receive them within 48 hours. However, the president has ignored her ultimatum and, according to this union in a statement, the strike will be organized "sequentially" starting with Primary Care, and taking into account the "serious situation" that healthcare still faces in the Community.

Among its reasons, the union has indicated that this service has been enduring a situation of care overload for years and that the pandemic has accentuated it. "Before we had a significant shortage of human resources," they have pointed out. "This, together with the scarcity of economic resources, and the worsening of the situation produced in recent months by the pandemic, has led us to an unaffordable limit and a deterioration in the quality of care in patient care," they implore.

Although, they have also indicated that the stoppage is still in time to stop. The union, in this statement, has asked "good sense and will"to the Community of Madrid to sit down to negotiate and thus" prevent the strike from starting, "they have reported.


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