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Democrats block a new stimulus package against Covid in the US


New setback for the US economy. Democrats have blocked a new economic stimulus package on Thursday to deal with Covd-19.

The aid plan proposed by the Republicans has been rejected on the allegation that it is too poor for what year it's causing the virus to the US economy.

The law was estimated between 500,000 million and 700,000 million dollars, a figure lower than that established by the Republicans themselves in July. Then there was talk of a trillion dollars.

“It is more than insufficient. It is completely inappropriate "

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has rejected the Republican bill for being little more than support for vulnerable Republican senators in election year. “It is more than insufficient. It is completely inappropriate. " the politician has expressed.

However, he remains optimistic for the next few months and hopes that Republicans will return to the negotiating table to draft a bipartisan bill.

Republicans have been quick to show their dissatisfaction with the Democratic vote: "they can tell American families that they care more about politics than helping them," politician Mitch McConnell has denounced.

After knowing the news Wall Street has turned to the red and at this time on Thursday the main New York indices are trading lower between 1 and 2%.


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