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Congress overturns the municipal decree by rejecting it all the opposition


The Plenary of Congress has rejected this Thursday validate the decree law which includes the agreement with the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) on the transfer of the remnants of the town halls, which has been repealed.

The vote has returned 156 "yeses"; all other votes have been "no" and no abstentions have been registered.

The Ministry of Finance reached a last-minute agreement with its United We Can partners that has allowed the support of the morados and their confluences, but has not managed to add any other parliamentary group.

It is the first time that the coalition government of socialists and purple loses a vote on the validation of a decree law.

María Jesús Montero yesterday launched different proposals on the distribution of the 5,000 million, including suspending the spending rule this year and next and validating the decree and then processing it as a bill. She thus proposed to include the amendments that the groups want to make and ensure that this year the consistories can already spend 2,000 million. But these assignments were far from the "total rethinking" demanded from the PP to ERC through EH Bildu or Ciudadanos.

So he tried to swap the delivery percentages. 60% of the 5,000 million would be distributed among all municipalities and the remaining 40% only among those who lend their surplus to the Treasury. His proposal was again rejected unanimously and late in the afternoon the Senate approved a PP proposal requesting the withdrawal of the Royal Decree. The Government was left alone voting against, while the PNV, which continued negotiating with the Executive, abstained. All the other political forces voted in favor, in what could be a prelude to what will happen today in Congress.

The last strategy of the Treasury was threatening yesterday afternoon that there would be no second chance in the form of a new decree. A "take it or leave it" that, at the end of this edition, still did not give up positions to the majority of the opposition. Only the PNV seemed to be willing to negotiate, while JxCat and the ERC gave up on waiting and gave their deputies permission to start voting "no" online.

From the Executive they insisted that they can not make more proposals to try to convince the opposition and emphasize that now those who put an alternative on the table should be responsible for the decree falling.

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