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AstraZeneca goes public after the suspension of the Covid vaccine trial


AstraZeneca shares are trading down Wednesday after announcing the suspension of the Covid-19 vaccine trial for adverse reactions from a volunteer. The company has specified that it is a "routine" security break. It has registered a decline of close to 2% on Wall Street, while on the London stock market, where it is also listed, it has taken a turn of the screw and closed the session with gains close to 0.5%.

"This is a routine action that has to occur whenever there is a potentially unexplained illness in one of the trials, while it is being investigated, ensuring that we maintain the integrity of the trials. In large trials, illnesses occur by chance, but they must be independently reviewed to check this carefully, "the company explained in a statement to CNBC.

AstraZeneca has added that is trying to speed up the review to "minimize any potential impact on the trial timeline."

"We are committed to the safety of our participants and with the highest standards of conduct in our trials, "said the pharmaceutical company.

A person familiar with the development has stated that investigators were informed that the trial was discontinued because of "an abundance of precautions" after a suspected serious adverse reaction in a participant in the UK, according to STAT News.

It is not clear how long the trial suspension will last. AstraZeneca started it late last month and is one of three companies currently in the final phase of testing a potential vaccine. The other two are Pfizer and Moderna, which began testing in late July.

The United States Government announced on May 21 that it will pay AstraZeneca up to $ 1.2 billion for their experimental vaccine developed together with researchers from the University of Oxford. The United States will receive at least 300 million doses of the vaccine as part of its investment.


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