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Polkadot has become a partner of the ChainLink 2020 Hackathon


Polkadot, a blockchain protocol that challenges Ethereum, has become the latest partner of the chainlink hackathon.

Those who participate in the hackathon can win up to $ 10,000 for presentations created about Polkadot.

Thousands of dollars at stake

ChainLink Hackathon 2020, a virtual event aimed at fostering the development of smart contract applications in decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens, games, and other crypto projects was announced in August:

“Whether you're receiving market data off-chain to activate your DeFi smart contract or just putting the current weather on-chain, the applications are limitless. Chainlink is partnering with some of the most powerful web3 technologies to host a hackathon where creativity is the only limit. "

Its winners have the opportunity to pocket $ 40,000 in prizes in the LINK cryptocurrency.

picture of @Polkadot

In addition to Polkadot, other prominent projects such as Tezos and Loopring are offering their sponsored awards.

All participants can register until September 27.

Chainlink's first non-Ethereum client

In February, Polkadot became the first non-Ethereum Chainlink client to integrate his oracles.

Polkadot described it as "a magnificent step" in the development of its parachain technology that aims to connect different blockchains.

The integration opens the doors to many use cases (from queering digital signatures to accessing billing data):

“Thanks to Chainlink's growing decentralized network of independent, Sybil-resilient and security-patched node operators, smart parachute contracts will be able to easily and securely access a wide variety of pre-formatted inputs and outputs to replicate digital agreements. existing ”.

In August, Polkadot launched the Rococo testnet as it moves towards unlocking the full functionality of parachain on its network.

Its native DOT token recently reached the top 5 on CoinMarketCap, beating LINK.

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