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Securities that have managed to pierce resistance this Monday


the key resistance of the Spanish selective is at 7,321 points

Technical analysis

Naturgy starts the week with gains of 4.71% which allows it to close above the resistance of 16.88 euros. The company has been moving on a sideband for weeks. Mindful that a close above 17.57 euros would be the signal that would make us think about a significant recovery in its price series. We do not lose sight of it.

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Rovi it continues with its upward climb after managing to pierce the resistance of 29.50 euros. The technical prospects are very good and everything seems to indicate that we could end up seeing an attack at the level of 33.80 euros, annual highs.

Strong gains of 5.23% in Sacyr which manages to close on Monday above the resistance of 2,034 euros. Very attentive that the company is approaching the resistance of 2.13 euros, prices where the average of 200 sessions converges. If it manages to exceed this price level, it is very likely that we could end up seeing an extension of the gains to the level of 2.50 euros. It is certainly a value to take into account in the next few days.


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