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Sabadell, Unicaja and Liberbank continue to rebound in the heat of bank mergers


Sabadell, Unicaja and Liberbank the stock market continues to rise in the heat of bank mergers because investors consider that they will be the entities that will star in new corporate operations in the next few months.

Sabadell bounced 3% in the stock market, while Liberbank and Unicaja advanced 2%. All of them posted strong gains this Friday after confirming CaixaBank and Bankia that are analyzing their merger.

S&P Global Ratings has indicated that, if CaixaBank and Bankia complete their merger, a new avalanche of consolidation could be unleashed in the Spanish banking sector. The agency has indicated that the coronavirus crisis "has highlighted the need for further consolidation".

S&P has highlighted that the merger would offer CaixaBank and Bankia the possibility of generate economies of scale and therefore cost synergies, which could help banks improve their low structural profitability.

So things, Sabadell, Unicaja and Liberbank they are the three entities most likely and most in need of leading a corporate operation. In the case of Sabadell, analysts consider that one of your best options would be an integration in BBVA, since its business model is complementary.

For their part, Goldman Sachs analysts have anticipated that Unicaja is the entity with the most options for a merger. Your negotiations with Liberbank they did not reach an agreement on their assessment and the corporate operation was parked.

However, Goldman analysts reiterate their commitment to a merger of Unicaja with another entity. "We are buyers at Unicaja for M&A reasons (mergers and acquisitions / mergers and acquisitions)"said these experts in their latest report.

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